How can PCOS patients help with research?

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Various research trials are constantly been done to help patients cope with PCOS – polycystic ovarian syndrome. It has been seen that women suffering from PCOS are also at a higher risk of developing several other disorders. In view of this, it becomes essential to recognize the disease condition and research deep into the areas to find out solutions for treating the disease and also preventing the onset of various other disorders. Women with PCOS experience irregular menstruations, have problem in conceiving, increased hair growth and obesity. In addition, such women are also at an increased risk of developing diabetes and heart attack.

vineet sexena
3 months ago


PCOS is really bad and I guess doc shud do something in this

rajesh puri
3 months ago


PCOS – polycystic ovarian syndrome is a deadly disorder that severely affects the women. In this disorder, the women suffer from irregular menstruation, have increased growth of hair all over the face and also have increased chances of infertility. Advancements done in this area have brought smiles to many a faces as the condition is now controllable. With medications and appropriate treatment regime, it is now possible to have regular periods, increased fertility and less of facial hairs. It has also been documented that with appropriate treatment regime, it was also possible to keep away various secondary complications from setting in.

vijendra saha
3 months ago


God is really unfair as women with pcos have to suffer a lot…there are lot of disease conditions that accompany pcos and all of them are deadly….

aniket kumar
3 months ago
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