Are medications included in the cost of the cycle?

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No, in many cases, the cost of medications is not included in the cost of IVF cycle. In addition, the cost of anesthesia is also not included in the package. The total cost that is given to you by your doctor will include evaluation of the uterus, management of the IVF cycle, embryo transfer, pre trial embryo transfer and unlimited IVF cycle laboratory assays and ultrasound scans. All these are inclusive in the total cost given to you. As mentioned earlier, these do not include the cost of the medications and anesthesia. The average cost of an IVF cycle using fresh embryo transfer is estimated to be $8, 158 and the median cost is $7, 500. This cost however does not include medications. The additional cost of medicines has been estimated to be $3,000 - $5,000 per fresh cycle.

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Yeah..i guess they r included…in my case, the fertility clinic told us the complete package which ws inclusive of the ifv cycle as well as the medications. But, then diff clinics may have sum diff set of rules…u can ask urs…

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dis wud depend on the fertility clinics. Some may include the cost of medications while sum may not. it is better to first confirm with ur doc abt the charges…

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The average cost of an ivf cycle using frsh embryo transfer has been estimated to be about $8000. This is the cost of the cycle and is non-inclusive of the cost of the medicines. Including medicines, the total cost of the ivf cycle would range from $11,000 - $13,000.

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