What constitutes day 1 of my cycle?

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Ideally, the first day of your period is the first day of your IVF cycle. Though you have already been put on medications prior to your cycle, the first day of your period is marked as the beginning of your IVF cycle.

tekchand sharma
2 years ago


I think it is the day whn u begin ur medicines….

rishi gupta
2 years ago


I dnt knw….some say 1st day of ur period..sum say the day whn u start med…I hav never experienced this so am nt sure…

sonu athwal
2 years ago


the first day of ur ivf cycle is usually the 1st day of ur period. U may have actually begin with ur medicines and examinations, but officially ur ivf cycle actually begins with the first day when u have ur periods.

abhishek sinha
2 years ago
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