What are the fertilization rates with ICSI?

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ICSI – intracytoplasmic sperm injection is a method wherein the sperm cells are directly injected into the egg for fertilization to take place. This method is used when the male partner does not produce sufficient quantity of sperm or the sperm is of inferior quality. The rate of fertilization using ICSI is about 75 – 85%. This means, about 75 – 85% of the eggs gets successfully fertilized using the method of intracytoplasmic sperm injection. The fertilization rate should however be in no way confused with the pregnancy success rate. The fertilization may be successful, but the success of the IVF procedure also depends on the embryo transfer procedure and its implantation to the uterus lining.

ramesh khanna
2 years ago


Fertilization rates with ICSI….have to think on this..am not sure!! May be you can ask the expert..

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2 years ago


The fertilization rate with ICSI is about 75 – 85%. Dis method is used fr couples having low sperm count or poor sperm motility. In a procedure of this kind, d sperm is directly injected into the egg and is kept for fertilization. About 75% of d eggs get successfully fertilized using the ICSI method.

ravi malhotra
2 years ago


ICSi…I guess its something to do with male infertility…yeah we can blame the males for it…at least women are not to b blamed for it…lol……anyways I am not very sure with the success rate…u can always google it..try and do let me know too!!

dinesh khurana
2 years ago


as far as I know, a friend of mine told me that the fertilization rates are very low..u can try using this method..if you r lucky u can get pregnant..all the best!!

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2 years ago
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