Can I travel during my IVF treatment?

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am sure u can…u r not supposed to be confined in your room…

manish pandey
2 years ago


The process of IVF requires you to undertake many medications which may make travelling difficult for you. There are several side effects which can make journey very risky. It is therefore advised, to take necessary precautions and share a word with your gynecologist. She would first study your condition and then take a decision. If she permits, then you can certainly travel. Otherwise, it would be best to relax and avoid undertaking travel for some time at least.

arijit mondal
2 years ago


Travelling during ivf treatment should not be a matter of worry for u. however, it is always best to consult ur gynec. If ur doc permits go and have fun!!

vineet sexena
2 years ago


ivf doesn’t require hospitalization, so travelling should not be a problem for u. but, then it is always best to consult your doctor and take advice

rajesh puri
2 years ago
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