What is the cost of a frozen embryo transfer?

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cost of embryo transfer will be huge…but well it also depends on so many things….please run ur search engines and find the ans!!

raman trivedi
2 years ago


The average cost of frozen embryo transfer (FET) is estimated to be about $4,600. This is the cost for natural cycle FET. In case of a replacement cycle FET, the price varies from $6, 522 - $6, 981. The estimated cost includes fees of embryology, monitoring fees, embryo thaw, the transfer procedure and your first pregnancy test. In addition, certain tests such as ultrasound examination, scans and blood tests are not included in the cost. However, this is the rate overseas and not India. In countries like India, the cost of frozen embryo transfer is far less and affordable. Also, there are certain fertility centers that offer such frozen embryo transfers at pretty low costs.

rafiq multan
2 years ago


There r 2 variables for considering the cost of FET. 1) natural cycle and 2) replacement cycle. In case of natural cycle FET the cost is less as compared to replacement cycle. Cost of natural cycle FET is around $4, 855 which does not include the cost of medications. With medications the amount is estimated to be around $5,081. Cost of replacement cycle FET is $5, 359 with additional cost of medications. U also need to und that the medication cost for replacement cycle is more than $1,000.

manjeet luthra
2 years ago


am nt sure wid the price..it shud be between something around $4000 - $5000. U cn always confirm frm ur doc..he shud be abl to tell u the exact price

parvesh honda
2 years ago


I don’t knw…u need to check with your doctor..or may be u can search on the web…good luck!!

dhirendra pratap
2 years ago
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