Cost of infertility treatments?

It is a common fact that infertility treatments are extremely expensive. I want to know if the results can justify the costs. I know that no one gives a 100% guarantee. So, I request advise before I take the plunge. I am a 27 year old female.

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I have gone through fertility treatments and my doctors have been extremely supportive throughout. It was a painful ordeal but now I am completely satisfied. I have two kids and am extremely happy I took the plunge. The cost depends on doctor u choose and where you live. So I cannot say anything about that.

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No treatment can give you a complete guarantee of success. It is made from machines and ultimately machines are made by man. There is always chance of error. In the end, everything happens the way god wants it to happen.

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You are not confused between infertility and not conceiving right? If doctors have found infertility, then it must be so. Indian mulberry is very good for you and your husband as it helps in infertility. It is also completely natural and has no side effects.

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You should Consult Southend IVF and Fertility clinic,They are extremely reasonable and offers the best services,thanks to their qualified doctors. In guidance of reputed doctor Sonia mallik, Southend has successfully saved many cases including mine. I hope they will find a suitable solution to your problem also.

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