Sperm count - 2 million. POC Drilling and DNC done. What are chances getting pregnant?

The sperm count of my husband is 2 million. I have gotten POC Drilling as well as DNC done. What are the chances of me getting pregnant?

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If you have regular periods, the ovulation must be talking place in between 10 – 15th day from the 1st day of the period. Have sex on every alternate day during this phase. Also lie down on your back for half hour and keep pillows under your bum while having sex so that the semen does not come out. Also, avoid deep penetration. You can try mulberry juice also.

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If you do not have a child of your own, treat every child as your own. God will watch over you. Do not dismay. You will find happiness in the happiness of others. Serve god properly and go to temple regularly.

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Adopt a child.

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Your chances should be great.

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