Chances of getting pregnant after IUI treatment?

What are the chances of getting pregnant after getting an IUI treatment done?

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"Depends on quite a number of factors actually. How was the sperm count, why was it done, were fertility medicines given, number of eggs which matured, your age

The rates normally vary in between 6 – 36% and if there is a high sperm count as well as the ovulation of a few eggs due to the fertility medicines, chances become higher.

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Chance definitely increases. Since it is the cheapest technique, it is given first preference by most doctors.

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Combine super ovulation treatment along with insemination procedure for best results. treatment also depends a lot on your age. Does not work that well if you are over 35.

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For that I would suggest you to consult a good fertility clinic, I visited a clinic and got IUI treatment but it turned out to be a failure,Then someone suggested me to consult Southend IVF and Fertility clinic. Thanks to their treatment,I got an opportunity to become a mother.

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