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I like to share my personal experience that I had with ED and how I overcame from it and achieve pregnancy for child.

I am 29. I didnt have any practice of masturabation, alcohol, smoking or any kind of bad habits before my marriage.

I got married 4 months ago. For the last one year(right before my marriage) I started to feel that my penis is losing hardness as soon as it started its erection. It losts only for few seconds (may be 10 to 20 seconds). I think it could be due to the medicines(antibiotics) during viral fever and fast food that I was taking during

During my first night, I felt there was a little hardness and it lost within few seconds. I started to feel bad about
my fertility. For the first 2 months, this thought always came into my mind and I was under pressure when the family members started to ask the question like 'do we have any good news for them ?'.

I was in tension and had the feel that I would have no children at all as I dont have any erection at all.

I consistently visited a number of webpages and found no easy way to solve this problem. But almost all websites advised to do regular exercise of 40 minutes for every day.

So I started doing it. Also I didnt allow any kind of bad feeling/tension into my mind as tension is also one of the factors would cause erectile dysfunction.

After one week of doing regular exercise there was an improvement in the hardness of erection and it lost for almost 5 to 15 mins for many days and few days i had for more than 15 minutes and it losted only after ejaculation. But after ejaculation of sperms, I found that it was watery and not very solid which I suspect it for very less sperm count which may not be sufficient to give birth to a child. In the meantime I happened to see "Zee Tamil" television in which a program of Siddha Medicines and Plants were telecasted. In that, an old man was telling that Moringa flowers are used to treat the less sperm count in ancient days and now a days people do not take it. So I started to pluck moringa flowers from moringa tree and put them in Cow's milk and boiling it for 10 minutes during early morning and drank it. I had this practice along with regular exercise of 40 mins everyday. It gave a good erection and every day I started to see the sperm was thick solid gelly like.

After 3 weeks, my wife missed her period and she is now 6 weeks pregnant.

I also observed that Moringa leaves soup is also giving a lot of energy duing intercourse and it increases the erection time and it is my personal experience. I would like to share this especially for the childless couples to have their own child. Now a days there are a lot of fertility medical centres and they are trying to earn/cheat the childless couples to steal a lot of money from them. But thing is we have our own medicine (Moringa flowers) which is almost obtained for free of cost and found on the streets/houses.

One more thing during these time, I took diet also... like avoiding fat-rich foods and sweets/sugar.

1) Regular Diet, Regular exercise and Moringa flowers -> can cure your fertility for sure. For me it took a couple of weeks to achieve the result as I didnt have any bad habits before marriage.

If you have the habit of smoking/alcohol, please wait for few more weeks to achieve the results. surely it will work out. Please try and share your experience here to help others to avoid their childless time/money.

In siddha medical system, we have plants for curing all type of diseases. But somehow people lost their faith in it.
But original siddha doctors also matter here. :) :)

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