Is there a higher risk of birth defects with a child born from IVF?

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Yes, children born to mothers who have undergone IVF treatment are more likely to be born with congenital abnormalities (birth defects). There has been certain research based evidence pointing towards the fact that IVF poses great risk of developing birth defects. Cardiac malfunctioning, hormonal abnormalities and cleft palate are some of the grave congenital disorders that have been found in children born from IVF. The reason behind such a development is yet to be figured out. Researchers have blamed both IVF as well as infertility factors amongst the couples for the congenital defects.

vijendra saha
3 months ago


a child is a god’s gift. Birth defects are generally based on your past life and ur bad deeds. So I dnt think ivf has any role to play in this.

sumit pal
3 months ago


yeah..there was some story on the web which stated that a child was born with a cleft palate to a mother who had taken ivf treatment…this is really sad…I mean god is very unfair…

harish thapar
3 months ago


Children born to mothers thru ivf are at higher chances of developing congenital abnormalities as compared to those born via the natural process. The exact cause behind this is yet to be known and researchers all across the globe are carrying out active research in this front. Wht has been understood is the fact that be it ivf or icsi, the incidence of congenital disorders amongst children born via these method remains high. There have been small pieces of evidence suggesting that the forceful way of introducing the sperm to the egg in the method of icsi can play foul and pave way for development of birth defects.

gurvinder ladha
3 months ago
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