What are the legal implications? Will I be paid?

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You need to understand that once you have donated your eggs and they have been kept for fertilization, thereafter you do not have any legal rights on either the embryo or the children resulting from them. Only when the child is 18 years of age and wishes to meet the donor, only then the information regarding egg donor is shared. Otherwise, the information is kept confidential and is never disclosed.You would be paid depending on the terms and conditions decided before you agreed for egg donation. There are laws that have made provision for paying the donors for up to £ 750.00 per cycle of egg donation.

ramesh khanna
One year ago


Yes, they r certain legal implications governing egg donation. Prior to donating ur eggs u need to understand the legal formalities and then decide for the donation. In addition, u r also required to comprehend the fact that the donor’s information is kept confidential and is revealed only when the child is 18 years old and wishes to know about the donor. U will certainly be paid depending on the amount that has been mutually agreed upon between the parties.

dinesh khurana
One year ago


dere can b may legal implications….so u need to b careful…take decision wisely and then go for the donation. U shud b paid…however, am nt very sure on this…..

arnav khatri
One year ago


yeah…there r many legal implications…the child may want to knw who u r and all that…but then u need not worry on that….yes, there r laws and u shud certainly be paid for the egg donation.

arijit mondal
One year ago


legal implications are part of egg donation procedure…u simply cannot do without it..and payment is for sure..and in case u want to do it for free then its ur choice…

vineet sexena
One year ago
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