How long will it be before I have a baby?

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am sure the thought of not having a baby may keep haunting u..the idea is to get thoroughly checked and ask ur gynec hw to fix the prob..

abhishek sinha
3 months ago


I think u need to try sum yoga and exercises..that shud help u…and wht abt ur age..hw old r u?? if u r past 35 years then I think getting preg will get a lil difficult…

dhruv chatterjee
3 months ago


There has been a strong relationship between advancing age of women and a decline in their fertility rates. Yes, this is true. With advancing age, the eggs produced by the ovaries undergo a steep qualitative decline. Women aged 35 years and above experience serious fertility problems and strive very hard to achieve pregnancy. Such a kind of fertility decline exerts a great deal of emotional burden on the couples. Experts therefore advise all women of reproductive age group to conceive before they reach their 30s. At this age, the quality of the eggs produced is of good quality which would help achieve pregnancy faster.

parvesh honda
3 months ago


advancing age n pregnancy has a stng bond…I advice all young ladies to conceive in their young age…career can b taken up later but once u pass ur age then it wud really get difficult for u…take care and take the best decision…god bless u!!

arif hussain
3 months ago


All the research reports are narrating just one single story, which is about fertility and advancing age. Studies state that with advancing age the quality of eggs produced by women’s ovaries undergo a decline which in turn also decreases the fertility ability of women. It is not dat u cannot get pregnant after 35 years. It is only that u have to try several times before u can achieve a natural pregnancy. Also, all the types of ARTs that r avail for u also has certain limitations which are more or less related to ur age.

ravi malhotra
3 months ago
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