How many follicles give my best chance of getting pregnant?

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Any number between 2 – 5 follicles per ovary shud b gud enuf for u to get pregnant. But, again it may differ with each individual. U can get the correct numbers frm ur doc…

dinesh khurana
3 months ago


For a healthy ovary, it is normal to have 5 follicles for each ovary. However, in some cases, women may have an increased number of follicles amounting to 10. In addition, some may even have less than 5 follicles per ovary. Both these conditions predispose women to face several fertility problems. Having the right number of follicles is very crucial for achieving pregnancy. The chances of achieving a successful pregnancy gravely depend on the number of follicles produced by the ovaries. If the follicles are produced either in large amounts or in low amounts then chances of conceiving decreases significantly.

arnav khatri
3 months ago


an ultrasound scan can get u knw abt the number of follicles in ur ovaries. The right num of nt very sure of..but still I think 5 – 7 may shud do the needful.

arijit mondal
3 months ago


Under normal circumstances, each healthy ovary shud produce about 5 follicles. According to experts, this should be enuf for women to achieve a normal pregnancy. However, there are circumstances when women produce either too little or too much of follicles that results into infertility. Such condition is a major factor for infertility which makes it difficult to achieve pregnancy.

vineet sexena
3 months ago
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