How soon can you have sex after fallopian tube surgery?

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I think u shud not indulge in any strenuous activities for some days. Take rest and enjoy it. ask ur partner to help u with ur daily activities and b ur emotional support. Getting physical can complicate matters and therefore the best idea wud b to refrain from physical relationship for some days.

ritika amber
3 months ago


personally speaking am not very happy with the idea of having sex very soon after fallopian tube surgery. In my case, my husband did not demand anything of such kind. It is a major surgery…u need to take rest and care….

rehmaan kureshi
3 months ago


You obviously need to take certain precautions and take rest as prescribed by your doctor. However, sexual intercourse is not forbidden and you can get physical after about a week. Usually it does not cause pain and in case it hurts you can always consult your surgeon who carried out the procedure of tubal ligation. Women are also advised to take full rest at least for 24 hours if not more before they begin their usual activities. Your surgeon would give you certain take home notes which you are supposed to follow religiously. Make sure you do not miss any of your follow up visits with your doctor.

tekchand sharma
3 months ago


yes, I think u can have sexual intercourse after about 7 – 10 days. It shudnt be a problem for u. it is though best to consult your doc and take decision.

rishi gupta
3 months ago


Surgeries of the fallopian tubes are a minor kind of surgery, but women though are advised to take certain precautionary measures and refrain from heavy physical activity for some days at least. You can have sex at least after a week post surgery. If you r nt comfortable and have pain of any kind it is best to get in touch with ur doc.

abhishek sinha
3 months ago
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