Blocked fallopian tube and husband with poor sperm morphology?

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Couples with blocked fallopian tubes and poor sperm morphology can consider the option of ivf. The woman can even undergo fallopian tube surgery for opening the blocked pathways. Thereafter, the procedure of ivf can begin after complete medical examination. For the male partner who has poor sperm morphology, the method of icsi can be used wherein a single healthy sperm is directly injected into the egg for fertilization to take place. If this is not possible in this case, then sperm donors can be considered.

parvesh honda
3 months ago


in such situations u can always opt for surrogacy.

amit kumar
3 months ago


This is some of the rare cases, where both the partners suffer from infertility issues. In such cases, the female partner can undergo fallopian tube surgery for correcting the problem. After the surgery with appropriate medications and if the ovaries and uterus are healthy enough then the option of ivf can be considered. However, when in this case the male partner has also infertility problem then the option of donor sperm can be thought of. A careful analysis of the semen sample can give idea about the sperm quality. If it is healthy, then the couples can proceed with the method of icsi.

ramesh khanna
3 months ago


this is a rare case n I think u guys shud adopt a child…however, it is always best to ask ur doc what r ur chances of conceiving…

dinesh khurana
3 months ago


this is sumthing u shud ask ur gynec and not post here….

arnav khatri
3 months ago
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