Hormones just like that

I am against taking hormones and https://pillintrip.com/ru/medicine/citoles just like that🙅🏼♀️.
And in pregnancy, you risk even more❗️

Remember the menstrual cycle?
Follicular growth – ovulation – and here it is the corpus luteum, which produces progesterone. Where does it go? And why does menstruation begin?
The corpus luteum goes out. Its function gradually decreases, the level of progesterone falls, and when it becomes critical, the endometrium vigorously signals this to you.
Menstruation seems to say to you: “we hoped, but pregnancy did not come.”

But how does the corpus luteum understand whether it has come or not? 🤔

That’s how:
When the egg cell has decided on its life partner, got along with him in character and turned into an embryo, he begins to secrete hCG, which stimulates the corpus luteum. “My friend, everything is fine, we are in place, go on💪”.

If, suddenly, you see a decrease in progesterone during pregnancy, does this indicate a poor work of the corpus luteum?
Why? If there is enough progesterone to transform the endometrium, so that the embryo gets there and implanted.

If the problem is not in him, but in the embryo itself?

Could a drop in progesterone be as justified as a monthly period?

If this question is too painfully philosophical, then you should think at least about the fact that progesterone does not change the quality of the embryo.