An Economic Review- Affordable IVF in India

Infertility is always a setback in life; like a haunting shadow, it follows us through every turns of our life. Now after IVF treatment, there is some hope left for people who can’t conceive. But… the main problem is the cost of IVF.

The cost of IVf treatment is high, depending upon the tests required before the treatment, the type and dosage of medications used, and the number of cycles required to become pregnant. The tests and treatments cost substantial amount, and since there is no prearranged time or number of cycles that requires for IVF to be a success, budgeting for medical expenditures can be actually problematic and challenging.

While deciding on IVF, you should consider more important factors such as the proficiency of the doctors; the costs of fertility treatment including all the tests and IVF costs and you should finally make a budget review of your own economic status.

When I see the tag of US dollars ($15,000)for the IVF treatment, I can’t help but gasp in surprise. How do I ever afford this price, and makes my dream comes true? Where in the world I’ll get this much amount? There’s no hope left, but then a post by a foreign lady makes my fear of never having a baby alleviate, just a little.There are clinics which offers high-tech treatment in less cost, in India, when compared to other countries. Cost of IVF in India is almost 40 to 80% lower than what is charged in USA. Just because they offer you a low cost treatment, never think that their quality is low too. It is not.

While searching for affordable cost of IVF in India, I stumble across many clinics which have high success rates, as well as affordable cost. Here, I have to point out that affordability varies from person to person, in terms of their economic status, but the affordability that I’m mentioning, is a cost in comparison with other countries, where the billing can even cause you heart-attack. No kidding.

EGG sharing program- Most affordable IVF: here a woman who can create surplus eggs can share her eggs with those who can’t produce eggs by themselves. By doing this, the egg donor have the chance to get free IVF treatment or have a financial support by the egg recipient. – To learn more about it you can visit the site: (by Pahlajani Test Tube Baby Centre) And then there is this post, which talked about affordable cost of IVF in India. It’s a pleasant surprise and a ray of sunshine for economically weak couples.