My Experience as a Surrogate Mother

I am a surrogate mother and I have always wanted to share my beautiful experience with other people.  Since I fall in the age group of 21-35 years, I was told my chances of conceiving are much higher.

In my opinion, having a baby by taking help of surrogacy is an exciting way by which couples can enhance their family. All human beings want to have children. However, there are many individuals who are unable to do so for various biological and other reasons. Technology has helped many couples in their dreams of having a child. It is a preferred option by many couples now. 

I consider this as a win situation for an individual like me who decides to become a surrogate mother as well as for the couple where the childless couples realize their dreams of having their genetic child. Also, I ended up earning a fair amount of money as well. This compensation helped me to improve my standard of living and have a better life for my family.

As a surrogate mother, I had to sign a contract with a couple who has been trying to have a child. The contract clearly mentioned that I would gestate a baby on the behalf of the infertile couple. Post delivery I would have to give them the child.

I went to the Surrogacy Program at Raipur Centre, which offers the complete range of treatment and has one of the best facility as well as staff of this program. International clients comprise 75% of their total client base.

I am a married woman and have had previous healthy pregnancies. This increased my chances of conceiving successfully. The Raipur center maintained a detailed history of my family, blood transfusion, any addiction or record of miscarriages. They also kept a track of my post natal problems as well as the medical and surgical issues. Also, I was screened properly for any sexually transmitted disease like HIV, Hepatitis B, VDRL and Hepatitis C. Other tests to check the pelvic holding capacity were also conducted. Don’t be worried by all these tests as these are required to ensure the best standards.

At Raipur IVF, founder and director Dr Neeraj Pahlajani (MS, DNB, FMAS, DRM - Germany) leads the surrogacy program.  I was happy to know that  Dr. Neeraj Pahlajani has successfully delivered more than 250 babies born through surrogacy in Raipur, Chattisgharh-India  for both Indian and international clients. It was a reassuring fact for me that I am in safe hands.

Under Dr. Neeraj Pahlajani’s expert guidance, the surrogacy program was executed well, keeping in mind minute details. Dr. Neeraj Pahlajani handles, on average, thirty surrogacy cases per month. I would personally rate her very highest and recommend to all who aspire to be surrogate mothers.

Raipur Centre has the most supportive program in the country for IVF. Every step of my surrogacy journey – from the fertility process, pregnancy, delivery and post delivery were carefully guided and coordinated by experienced social workers and program coordinators. My time as a surrogate mother at Raipur,India
IVF Centre is one of the most rewarding experiences of my life.