My experience as egg donor

As an egg donor, I have gained lots of experience and knowledge and I would like to share my experience associated with egg donation.

I researched online and looked for better options and decided to go for egg donation in the Raipur IVF Centre.

Egg donation to me like other donors is like donating blood. I do not wish to keep track or any feeling of kinship with my eggs. Like donating blood, I am happy to know that it went to good use and do not want details of people who would be using the same

Eggs are donated only “on demand” unlike sperms. Sperm donors do their job of giving the sperms and get paid and do not know if their sperm will ever be used by anyone.  While sperms are easy to produce, inexpensive to store and are many in terms of number, eggs don’t have these features

I filled up the routine application form which was a detailed personal interrogation form. All medical history was to be mentioned here. I had to go through a detailed check up which involves medical and psychological tests to ensure I am equipped to donate. Then I had to wait. My name, photo and vital information will go into a database. It is shared with prospective couples and I was soon selected, got a call from the fertility center and went forward.

Egg donation is a commitment. A sperm donor can finish his job very fast. However, on the other hand egg donors do not have so many eggs ready at one point of time that they can just visit any fertility clinic when they wish. Egg donation involves detailed preparation.  There are close to six weeks of medication.

First as a donor my cycle was synchronized with the surrogate’s cycle. The surrogate’s body and the donor‘s body have to be in sync so that the pregnancy can happen.

Next I was required to take hormones, which help in stimulating the eggs to develop. These need to be self injected. My doctor assured me he never had a donor drop out due to medications. I experienced some side effects like mild bloating and moodiness, and nothing more than that.

Then there is that actual process which I did in the doctor’s office. It took me only 10-15 minutes. Surgery was done to remove the egg  using a needle to extract them from the vagina. It was all done under anesthesia and I did not feel anything.

Post the entire process was over I was placed on a diet high in sodium. After two weeks I was called again for a post operation check up. I was told everything is fine and in place and I just needed a rest. I felt wonderful and normal after two weeks. It took me approximately four to five weeks later to resume the period. And I was compensated as well.

Raipur IVF center has been organizing several egg donation camps in Raipur, India. During the egg donation camp, I saw that the donors provide the medical care throughout the process to diminish the risk involved in the process. The donors have been given medical assistance since the start of the donation cycle. Along with medical assurances, as a donor I got help to ease the inhibitions which I had related to the process.