My experience of IVF

I had been trying to conceive for a long time and both I and my husband went through a series of tests, listening to insensitive doctors and spending lots of money.

Finally, we heard about the Raipur IVF, India fertility clinic, a reproductive center which specializes in IVF. They were wonderful. Extremely informative, sensitive to our emotions and extremely organized, they ensured that we become experts on IVF.

It takes around 2-3 months to go through IVF. The process of IVF prepared my body for ovulation, but not for a normal ovulation. My ovaries were stimulated to ensure ripening and so that they are able to release multiple eggs in one cycle. This is important process where close monitoring is done and fertility drugs are used which helped me to maximize the chances of conception.

Ovulation Induction is a very important part of in vitro fertilization process. The administration of fertility drugs leads to the multiple eggs maturing at the same time, which increases the chances of successful conception.

By checking the blood hormone ranges, the doctor identified if the eggs have been developed completely. Human chorionic gonadotrophin (HCG) was given which helped in the discharge of the eggs before it starts accumulating. An ultrasound scan was done to show if the eggs could be retrieved.

The physician can then take the eggs from the ovaries. He took a fine, hollow needle connected to an ultrasound scan probe. The probe assisted in detecting the follicles containing the eggs. I got a minor pain while the treatment, however, it did not last and my doctor was ready to give me pain relievers which I did not need.

While my eggs were gathered, my spouse had to supply a fresh sample of semen. The sperm was cleaned. Mixing was done with the sperm having the best quality with the egg and allowed to culture inside an incubator.

Post 24 hours of having the eggs and the sperm mixed, the bowl was examined to check for the fertilization of the eggs. Since fertilization had happened, they were placed for another 48 hours for around five days before finally being moved into the uterus. Every fertilized egg grew up like a ball of cells which were known as an embryo. They were also additionally maintained by my physician as blastocysts, since the embryos have been moved at day five which is after the blastocyst phase day five. Out of the embryos, the selection was done for the wealthiest one which was to be placed into the uterus.

Since I am under 40 I got at 2 embryos placed in my uterus. In case you are under 37 years of age, you will, you will be advised to go for elective Single Embryo Transfer (ESET). In case you are 40 or above, it may be advisable to go for three embryos in each of the cycles.  This is required as you would have a lower potential to conceive using your own eggs.

After the transfer, came the wait time. It was such a difficult period, however the staff at Raipur was extremely cooperative and helped me immensely in this period. Then the pregnancy test was done and my joy had no limits when I realized I was pregnant. It was a tough, emotional as well as expensive, however the team at Raipur center made my family complete.