My Experience of Surrogacy

For me surrogacy is one of the best options to have a child. Like everyone else I had my own apprehensions as well about surrogacy, but I was fortunate enough to get in touch with the Raipur IVF clinic which helped me in overcoming all my fears.

I used to often wonder if the surrogate mother would have any effect on my child.  However, as I went through the process, I understood that a woman who carries a baby for someone else contributes very little DNA or rather hardly any to my child. This is due to the fact that the child already has DNA from me and my husband. However, there are chances that some DNA may be passed from the woman to the fetus that she is carrying. At the same time it can also be transferred from the child to the mother.

This exchanged DNA will have no effect at all. It will be a few cells hiding amongst trillions of original cells of the child. Very less cells were exchanged between the surrogate mother and my child to influence any of her characteristics or impact my child in any manner.

I realized that having a baby by taking help of surrogacy was an amazing opportunity for me which helped me to enhance my family. With the changing times, I would advise childless couples to come forward and understand the importance and significance of surrogacy with the aid of which they can realize their dreams.

Raipur, India clinic helped us with all the formalities. They helped us with the agreement with a surrogate mother. As per the contract this lady would gestate a baby on the behalf of us. Post delivery she would hand over the child to us.

We opted for a gestational surrogacy and not traditional surrogacy. In traditional surrogacy, insemination is done in the surrogate with the male sperm who is the child’s rearing parent. Here the surrogate mother is the genetic as well as the gestational mother and hence has to enter a contract whereby she will have no legitimate rights over the child.

Which in our case was the gestational surrogacy, both my husband and I had a genetic connection with the baby. In this process my eggs were taken out from and fertilized along with my husband’s sperm. This was done outside the womb or in vitro. Post this the embryo was transplanted in the surrogate mother’s womb, who had a gestational role in my case.

My experience at the Raipur fertility clinic, India made me more knowledgeable about the process and hence I wanted to share my complete experience. I am glad that I went for surrogacy. This has definitely been one of the best decisions that I ever took in my life. It did not take me long to realize that I had enrolled in one of the best centers, which was equipped in every way and has immense experience in surrogacy. Raipur center has never ceased to amaze me from the early stages of applying and getting matched with the recipients straight through to my delivery.