My Successful Experience of IUI without Drugs

I was unable to conceive for some time and was going through the phases of depression, which all of us go through. However, I was fortunate enough to get in touch with the Raipur IVF clinic, which helped me in understanding that often nature needs help to start a pregnancy.

The team at Raipur,India played an important role in my case by helping my husband’s sperm to enter through a fine tube inside the body. Warm prepared sperm was inserted into my uterus at the time of ovulation.  This was done with a purpose of getting the sperm closer to the egg.

This process is called as intrauterine insemination (IUI). It is also known as artificial insemination, which was done with my husband’s sperm.

In our situation there was no issue with my husband’s sperm count however, I understood that IUI is helpful in situations in which the sperm count of the male is low and it is also not able to move. This treatment can be done if there are enough healthy and motile sperms. Else one needs to go for IVF or ICSI. Since the male sperm count was good, we got success with IUI.

I was also diagnosed with mild endometriosis. In this situation, IUI helped me immensely. I was having problems with intercourse and in this case the sperm are placed within the uterus directly which helped in addressing this problem.

The team at Raipur,India made me understand the complete process of IUI, which involved putting washed sperm inside my uterine cavity with the help of a plastic catheter through the cervix. I would call this as a rather low cost method which helped in enhancing my fertility with patent Fallopian tube. The chances of sperm meeting with the egg were increased by the IUI.

In my experience it is a relatively simple procedure which did not have too many precautions. The doctor advised me few minutes of rest post the procedure after which I could resume all the normal activities. Apart from mild pain and spotting on the day of the IUI, I did not experience any other complication.

Raipur IVF,India has one of the best treatment options for infertility, offering a wide range of infertility treatment programs under a one roof. Also the charges of the treatment are reasonable and modest.