What Helps in IVF- Luck or Skill?

I had been trying to conceive for a long time and I was on the wrong side of 30 when I decided to start trying for a family. Once I started my IVF journey, I felt connected to other women like me who were also going through this phase. So I always wanted to share my experience with others.

The connection between luck and fertility goes way back. Once I wanted to have a family I stopped birth control and wondered how quickly I would be able to conceive.  I was thinking if I am lucky I would take a month or so. But it did not happen for me. My friends and family members could easily get pregnant. It made me feel that they are lucky.

I tried lots of treatments and when everything failed, I was guided towards IVF and someone recommended IVF fertility center for the same. I thank my lucky stars for this as without this I would not have experienced this beautiful miracle.

IVF is now a matured technique which has helped many infertile women worldwide in having a family.  Even though IVF has the best success rates amongst all the treatment options available to infertile couples, I was hesitant as the outcome of an individual cycle is always uncertain. No specialist was ready to predict whether the cycle is going to succeed or not. Those thoughts made me feel as if the IVF cycle depends on fate? Is it just a matter of chance?

I went through a phase where I consulted an astrologer for selecting an auspicious day for the embryo transfer. An astrologer told me the perfect date when I will have the highest chance of conceiving. While this sounds very orthodox, but it was important for my peace of mind. It helped me in reducing my stress levels, which helped in the treatment.

The reality which I understood at Raipur centre, India was that this entire procedure which I went through involved multiple variables and complex body systems. I knew that there was a 50-50 chance of success in the best of hands. I understood how quality embryos were selected and transferred with lot of care. However, once the embryos were implanted in my uterus, my doctor had little control over implantation.

The most important decision that I made was selecting Raipur IVF which is one of the best fertility centers. This is a very important variable in the patient’s hand and has a huge impact on the final result.

Towards the end of the process it was evident to me that I cannot leave the success of IVF purely on fate or chance. The expertise of the specialist plays an important role and here my judgement in selecting Raipur fertility center helped me a lot. Choosing the right doctor was equivalent to creating more luck for me.  Success is always a combination of skill and luck, a skillful fertility expert from Raipur clinic and a lucky patient like me made a great success story. Raipur IVF Centre, India helped me in realizing my dreams.