Why select India for Surrogacy ?

I am of the view surrogacy is one of the best options to have a child. While I had lots of reservations about surrogacy, after reading about the options available in India, I was sure that this is the best option for me.

I realized that fulfilling my dreams of having a baby by taking help of surrogacy could be achieved best in India. There were various data points available which showed that surrogacy in India was gaining a lot of momentum.

I looked around for options and realized that India has excellent hospital services and combined with a comfortable approach, India is definitely a good destination for surrogacy. Statistics have shown that 25,000 babies are born in India every year with the help of surrogacy and this is a conservative number keeping in mind all possible exclusions. This industry, which is trending at $2bn is poised for further growth. Treatment centers utilizing surrogacy are expanding in small towns and big cities at the same time as the demand for surrogacy has boomed in recent times.

From a cost point of view, I definitely found India to be cheaper and that in my opinion is one of the prime reasons for the boom of surrogacy in India. Along with the low cost, the facilities are equipped with state of the art technology and a qualified team which makes India very popular for surrogacy.

I have no doubt that India is a main destination for surrogacy. Through my experience of surrogacy, I also realized that Indian surrogates have been extremely popular with couples in the industrialized nations primarily due to the relatively lower cost. Also parallel the fertility centers in India are proving to be advantageous from the cost as well as in the ability to get good Indian surrogate mothers.

If one looks at the price point, the cost for a complete package in India for surrogacy is between $10,000 and $28,000. This cost is inclusive of fertilization, surrogate’s fee as well as delivery of the baby at a hospital. Even if one considers the cost of air tickets, stay at the hotel and the medical process involved, the cost is still much lower around one third as compared to cost of surrogacy in the U.K.

Another point that came to my notice was the flexible laws related to surrogacy. Surrogacy in India has a two fold advantage- lower cost and flexible laws. Commercial surrogacy is absolutely legal in India, which has increased international confidence of going for surrogacy in India. The low cost, excellent technology combined with skilled doctors, flexible laws and an easy availability of surrogates make India a hot choice for surrogacy.

For me surrogacy has been a boon and I consider this as a win- win situation as it helps women like me to achieve their dreams. It is also a winning situation for the poor Indian surrogate mother who gets a good amount of money, which helps her to take care of herself and her own children.